We are always being asked where we plan on cruising next, especially by friends and family who are interested in joining us along the way. So we have tried to come up with a list of places and dates that we intend visiting. At the moment this is quite general, and as always, subject to change!

July/ August 2017: Nantucket then Maine (Portland, Boothbay, Monhegan island, Rockland, Isle Au Haut, Bar Harbor/Acadia)

September 2017: Martha’s Vineyard, Newport, Block Island, Long Island, New York

October 2017: New Jersey, Chesapeake Bay

November 2017: North Carolina, South Carolina

December 2017: Florida, Bahamas, Florida Keys (Dunbar’s parents join for 2 weeks)

January 2018: Cuba, Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica

February 2018: Cartagena?, San Blas Islands, Panama Canal

March 2018: Galapagos Islands (Andrew & Connie join to Tahiti)

April 2018: Marquesas Islands, Gambier Islands (Rikitea) (Andrew & Connie join to Tahiti)

May 2018: Tuamotus (Fakarava), Society Islands (Tahiti)

June 2018: Tuamotus (Fakarava), Society Islands (Tahiti)

July 2018: Cook Islands

August 2018: Tonga

September 2018: Samoa

October 2018: Fiji

November 2018: Vanuatu, New Caledonia

December 2018: Australia

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