Daily Log archive – August 2017

31 August 2017 Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

We departed early for a long trip to Provincetown. We had some good wind, but had to motor for some of it too. As we neared Provincetown we saw the whale watching boats nearby and then sure enough, a whale spouting and breaching. The sun set shortly after that and we pulled into the bay in the dark and set anchor.

30 August 2017 Pepperell Cove, Kittery, Maine

Spent the morning aboard reading before walking the couple miles into Portsmouth. We met up with Charlie again, ran some errands, collected dinner, and then retired to Charlie’s beautiful home where we enjoyed a couple adult beverages and enjoyed dinner with his wife Clare and daughter Lucy. Charlie gave me one of his recently released books “The Sea is Not Full” which I can’t wait to read!

29 August 2017 Pepperell Cove, Kittery, Maine

Motor-sailed our way down the coast to Portsmouth. Pulled into the Pepperell Cove mooring field. We then met up with Charlie Doane who I sailed with a couple years ago from Fort Lauderdale to Panama aboard Jimmy Cornell’s boat. We went out into Portsmouth for a couple drinks and dinner.


28 August 2017 Hodgdon Marina, Southport, Maine

Finally we’re out of here!! The marina bill wasn’t too bad considering we’ve been sitting on their dock for a full week now. The bill was just shy of $700, gotta love cruising!

We sailed/motored across Casco Bay to Richmond island just south of Portland. We finally spotted a couple finback whales just as we were about to pull into the cove.


27 August 2017 Hodgdon Marina, Southport, Maine

Killed some time cleaning the boat, polishing the stainless, working on the outboard engine etc. Took a walk down to the local lighthouse, and a trail through the nearby forest. The weather is beautiful and the mornings and evenings particularly stunning.

26 August 2017 Hodgdon Marina, Southport, Maine

Got the fuel injector to bed down correctly, and the engine is now running. However, the boatyard isn’t open over the weekend, so no Jedd to check our work. Whilst the engine is running, it doesn’t sound 100% so we don’t want to leave until we have it checked by the mechanics.

So we took the courtesy car and filled up our propane tank and drove around the Boothbay area. Stopped at the Boothbay Brewery and tested some of the local ales.


25 August 2017 Hodgdon Marina, Southport, Maine

After installing the exhaust manifold and heat exchanger, engine still not starting. Water in the cylinders wont allow engine to even turn over. After taking off fuel injectors the water in the cylinders was forced out, but cylinders refilling with water again. Jedd (our friendly mechanic) thought we had a cracked exhaust manifold that was allowing water in from the heat exchanger into the manifold and then into the cylinders. Off with the manifold again 😦 Then realised couldn’t be leaking from heat exchanger, because the sea water is surrounded by coolant, in which case there would be coolant in the cylinders, not sea water. After thinking about it for a couple hours Jedd figured it out. Without the pressure from the exhaust gas pushing the seawater up and out of the exhaust pipe, the water was filling up the muffler and the weight of the water in the anti-syphon was pushing water back down the exhaust and up into the manifold and the cylinders! So… emptied all the water remaining in the exhaust pipe, put the exhaust manifold back on again and retested. The engine started, but one of the fuel injectors wasn’t sitting right and eventually we gave up and called it a day.

Borrowed the courtesy car and took a drive into Boothbay, and then onto do some grocery shopping. Back home for pizza and movies!

24 August 2017 Hodgdon Marina, Southport, Maine

New stud and gaskets arrived. Reinstalled exhaust manifold and heat exchanger. Tomorrow will complete and test.

23 August 2017 Hodgdon Marina, Southport, Maine

Mechanics successfully removed sheared bolt by drilling into it with an easy-out (?) bit. Seriously have to get me one of those! Starting to get antsy, its been two weeks with not much sightseeing and lots of boatwork! Hoping to fixed and ready to go again in the next day or two.

22 August 2017 Hodgdon Marina, Southport, Maine

Spent the morning removing the exhaust manifold and heat exchanger so that we could get at the sheared bolt (technically a stud). Have to order new gaskets and stud, so could be here for a few days waiting for the parts.

21 August 2017 Towed from Five Islands to Hodgdon Marina, Southport

After unsuccessfully attempting to reattach the exhaust manifold, we tried to get a mechanic to come work on the engine. No-one would come out to look at the boat, but the boatyard across the Sheepscot River said they would look at it if we got the boat to them. What followed was a fairly pricey tow for all of 2NM. The marina put us on their fuel dock whilst they worked on the engine.

20 August 2017, Departed Rockland, Arrived Five Islands, Maine

Had to motor most of way to Sheepscot Bay. Arrived around 6pm and looked for a mooring in the tiny bay. As we were debating which mooring ball to pick up the engine died. We quickly got the anchor down and ended up not far from the rocks. We managed to subsequently secure ourselves to a nearby mooring ball. Upon inspecting the engine there was sea water everywhere. Figured out that one of the bolts securing the exhaust manifold and heat exchanger to the head of the engine had sheared and the exhaust manifold had come loose.

19 August 2017 Rockland, Maine

Rain + manflu meant day in bed.




18 August 2017 Rockland, Maine


Got AIS working with help of technician. Basically all it needed was a cable made up. Then refueled and anchored again back in the bay. My cold is getting worse so I stayed in bed for the rest of the day.




17 August 2017 Rockland, Maine

One last coat of varnish. Still waiting for technician to help sort out AIS.


16 August 2017 Rockland, Maine

Beautiful varnishing weather. Got another coat on in the morning, and then spent the rest of the day ashore.

15 August 2017 Rockland, Maine

Today was completely fogged in, so no varnishing again. The fog severely tested our navigation skills whilst in the dinghy with no chartplotter. We ended up about 90 degrees off course, and covered almost twice as much distance as required to get ashore! Fortunately by the time we came back the fog had lifted a little and we could see the boat.

14 August 2017 Departed Stonington, Arrived Rockland

Early departure for Rockland. Windy day so couldn’t get an extra coat on varnish on. Spent some time installing the AIS. Just needs the technician now to come and program the box.

13 August 2017 Departed Somes Sound, Arrived Stonington

Finally succumbed to the lobster pots! Line got wrapped around rudder. Whilst attempting to free ourselves we drifted into another couple pots. After about 20 minutes and a freezing swim we finally got free and made sure we didn’t hit anymore!


12 August 2017 Somes Sound

Rained in the morning. We took off and walked around Bar Harbor, had lunch at Gerry’s. On the tender ride back we saw Jade East and stopped to say hi. We met Luke and DD back in Rockland at the SSCA gam. We spent a very enjoyable couple hours aboard before making our way home in the dark.

11 August 2017 Somes Sound

Spent the day sanding and taping up the rails, and one coat of varnish.


10 August 2017 Somes Sound

Today Joy decided we should finally sand and varnish all the rails on the boat. I’m not sure she quite realised what the task entailed!

9 August 2017 Somes Sound

Walked up Cadillac Mountain. We went up the north ridge, with fantastic views all around Acadia park. We scrambled down the other side to Bubble Pond.


8 August 2017 Somes Sound

Quiet day on the boat. Followed disappointing news out of South Africa regarding Zuma vote of no-confidence.

7 August 2017 Somes Harbor, Somes Sound

Absolutely stunning day. Caught the bus to Echo Lake and hiked up Beech Mountain. We then caught the bus to Bass Harbor where we had hot lobster dip snack for lunch. We then bussed back to Bar Harbor and walked out across the sandbar at low tide to Bar Island. We enjoyed some pizza, browsed some of the shops and bussed back to the boat.


6 August 2017 Arrived Somes Harbor, Somes Sound

Started with a walk to Southwest Harbor. We enjoyed a Sunday brunch at a restaurant overlooking the harbor, with some live jazz. We walked back to the boat, by which time the wind had picked up. The wind was blowing towards the shore, so decided to move further north to the head of Somes Sound.

Somes Harbor_5_Moment

5 August 2017 Departed NE Harbor, Arrived Valley Cove, Somes Sound

We motored up through the Narrows into Maine’s very own fjord, Somes Sound. We anchored in Valley Cove, nestled underneath the fir lined hills. This is our best anchorage yet!

Somes Sound_2_Moment

4 August 2017 Northeast Harbor, Mount Desert Island, Acadia National Park

Purchased a weeks entry ticket for Acadia Park for all of $12 each. We then took the free bus to Bar Harbor. It was a beautiful day to walk around the village which was busy with the cruise ship passengers. We hopped on another bus and went down to Sand Beach, and walked along the shore path to Thunder Hole and Otter Point, before catching the bus back to Northeast Harbor. By which time the fog had rolled in again, so it was decided to stay in a second night in the harbor (well, really outside the harbor since the harbor is mooring ball only for $40/night)

3 August 2017 Departed Swans Island, Arrived Northeast Harbour, Mount Desert Island

Departed Swans Island and motored over to the Cranberry Islands. We dropped anchor and went to ashore Small Cranberry island. After a short walk, and being swamped by mosquitoes, we decided maybe this wasn’t the island for us after all! We hauled anchor and scooted over to the close by Northeast Harbor. We anchored outside of the mooring field just before the fog rolled in again. We had a nice walk around the quaint town before coming back to the boat for dinner.

2 August 2017 Departed Isle Au Haut, Arrived Mackerel Cove, Swans Island

After 21 days of no migraines, Joy finally succumbed to another migraine. Possibly from the previous day’s exertion on the trail. We hauled anchor and motored our way through the pretty Isle Au Haut thorofare and made our way toward Swans Island. The fog seemed to come and go during the day, but overall a nice sunny day. We anchored next to a 50m Westport superyacht called Evviva in Mackerel Cove. Evviva is Italian for Hurrah… not much different from Ta Da then!

Swans Island_2_Moment(14)

1 August 2017 Departed Seal Cove, Arrived Duck Harbor, Isle Au Haut.

After failing to find a walking trail around Seal Cove we departed and made for the island of Isle Au Haut, which is part of the Acadia National Park. We anchored in Duck Harbor and were soon out on the trails. We over extended ourselves and finally made it back to the tender after 4 hours of hard walking. The forest trails were beautiful.