dunbar and nelson

Captain Dunbar

My childhood was spent growing up in apartheid South Africa. I was just 13 when Nelson Mandela was released from prison, and 17 when the first democratic elections were held in South Africa. It was interesting times to grow up in, and whilst South Africa had vast issues it was still a beautiful vibrant country to live in. Obviously better if you’re skin was white.

My love of sailing started early when we used to sail windsurfers on the local dam with my family. I then graduated to racing Laser dinghys whilst at school, and keelboat racing whilst I studied accounting in Cape Town. After graduation I stopped sailing as I moved to Johannesburg for work, and then onto London to work as an accountant in the busy banking industry, looking to make my fortune,so I could retire early and buy my yacht to sail around the world!

I bought my first keelboat on the south coast of England, a 27ft Dockrell called Lady Anne. She was my pride and joy. I first kept her in Portsmouth, and then later docked her in the centre of London right next to Tower Bridge in a beautiful marina called St Katherine’s dock.

After too many years of sitting behind a desk crunching numbers, I realized my fortune wasn’t going to be made in accounting. I set sail in Lady Anne for the Mediterranean, crossing over the English Channel for the first time, the Bay of Biscay, and finally through the Straits of Gibraltar. I was hooked by the experience and couldn’t go back to a desk.

Shortly after that I met Jimmy Cornell and joined him for his west to east transit of the Northwest Passage through the Arctic aboard his 45ft sloop. A fantastic opportunity and amazing experience. Subsequent to that trip I moved to Fort Lauderdale to work in the yachting industry. Little did I know I would meet a girl who would end up convincing me that we should buy another sailboat and go travel the world together. TaDa!

Joy to the World


My friends call me Joyous. I’m positively spontaneous, have an addiction for travel, not really into sports, a bit of a neat freak, determined (ok, perhaps stubborn), enjoy a good quote, I don’t know a stranger, and I’m grateful for my life and the people in it!!

My love for travel started in elementary school when we had to draw a country out of a hat to research and present to the class. I drew Australia, and my love for the country grew with each researched word. (So much so that this was the first destination that I planned solo after college.)  And it didn’t end with Australia…I was fascinated with each country presented that day. There was so much to see and learn outside of Indiana.

To keep my almost 40 year life summary short…This passion for travel has led me to earn a degree in Tourism Management, backpack through Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and parts of Europe, become an inflight instructor, a stewardess on a private yacht and estate home, and most recently a private flight attendant on a Gulfstream IV.  I’ve been able to see the world in ways I never thought possible.  As Oscar Wilde said, “Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.”

As for how I came to living on a sailboat, you will have to read the next blog, Swipe Right into Love, to learn how I transitioned from the sky back to the sea.

“Where the ocean meets the sky, we’ll be sailing.” – Rod Stewart✈️⛵️

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Some things haven’t changed…still posing for a selfie and living in a swimsuit 😉