Dodging lobster pots and hiking Maine

My goal is to play catch up on this past summer’s sails so that I can start writing about current events. I know that it may not be exciting to read about past travels, but the OCD in me wants the blog to be in chronological order. So, I will touch on just some highlights starting back with Maine..

Two words come to mind when I think of our time in Maine…hiking and lobster. Well, lobster pots to be precise. And if you want to see if you truly feel older right after you turn 40, spend some time hiking in the mountains 😉

Maine is home to lots of quiet, tucked away anchorages to rest your head after a day of playing “dodge that lobster pot”. They were seriously everywhere…multi-colored markers to avoid catching in your prop. (Dunbar had to don his wetsuit twice…thankfully this did not happen on my watch! Brrr!)

Highlights: We hiked and took an educational tour of the Seguin Lighthouse, enjoyed using our stand-up paddle boards as kayaks to explore the various coves, feasted on fresh lobster rolls, spent lazy afternoons in coffee shops for free Internet, and strolled the nautical gift shops in Portland, Rockland, and Bar Harbor. We even caught a Seven Seas Cruising Association dinghy raft-up and seminar while in Rockland to meet fellow cruisers. But our two favorite stops in Maine were Monhegan Island and Acadia National Park.

Monhegan Island is 10 miles from the mainland and is only accessible by boat. No cars allowed, just golf carts. It’s a peaceful, enjoy nature, hike the trails, and just get away from it all type of place. It’s also an artist’s haven in the summer. Watching the students outside painting the blue waters and probably even TaDa anchored in the distance was inspirational. I’ve added taking a painting class onto my activity wishlist. After a couple days hiking in Monhegan, we were warmed up for the trails in Acadia National Park (Mount Desert Island).

I was impressed with Acadia’s accessibility. It only cost $12 per person for a weeks pass that included the free bus system which dropped off at the main trails and into the tourist trap of Bar Harbor. Fantastic deal! The trails that stand out in our memory are Echo Lake and hiking the north trail up Cadillac Mountain. We decided to be daring and take the steep way down to the Bubble Pond trail. I think I slid down on my behind just as much as I walked! We definitely felt a sense of accomplishment after that afternoon.

I would have loved to stay in Maine to watch the leaves turn golden shades of yellow and orange, but we had to keep moving if we were going to see Porsmouth, New Hampshire, Martha’s Vineyard, Block Island, Shelter Island, and New York before heading down the ICW back to Florida by November. And as if to say goodbye, we finally saw whales our very last day sailing in Maine!!

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