Comfortable Laziness

“If you want something done, ask a busy person.”- Benjamin Franklin

If you haven’t given up on reading our poorly updated blog, then you will be happy to know that we are making a commitment to start writing again. I could state a long list of reasons for not writing such as having no internet on the boat, having to seek out often slow wifi connections in whatever port we are cruising, taking time to live in the moment instead of stopping to report on it, and that I’m a visual person meaning that I often prefer pictures over words. (I know what some of you are thinking…don’t you love to talk though!? LOL) But if I’m perfectly honest those are excuses. Valid excuses, but excuses nonetheless. I think it all comes down to a comfortable laziness.

You wouldn’t necessarily connect the word lazy with a couple who are taking 2 years to sail around the world. While we are living out a dream and exploring the world in a different way, we haven’t found a daily routine. It sounds funny to even type that there are moments when I almost miss having a job to go to. (Okay, so perhaps these are only brief moments.) I guess there’s something said about having structure in your life. So, where do you find that balance? The balance between living in the moment and documenting the moments? Between spontaneous exploration and structure? We had so many intentions when we started out of making video blogs etc, but we aren’t that tech savvy on making them. So, I’ve mainly shared on Instagram. (joyoustravels2 for me and sailtada for Dunbar). It’s so easy to download a photo and add a line and you are done in 30 seconds. Lazy.

So, for now we are taking baby steps and making an hour commitment each morning. Thirty minutes dedicated to working out/stretching and 30 minutes to writing. For me, I’ve decided that this can be writing a blog, a letter, or even postcards. Yes, as some of you are aware, I still love to send an old fashioned postcard. Although they are often cheesy, and I find that our pictures are often much better than the ones you find in souvenir shops, we still buy them. As we are limited in space and money, we can’t buy souvenirs at every stop. (I’d much rather buy experiences than collect things anyways!) So, last year I came up with idea of us each buying a postcard and writing a love note or fun memory from that stop. We collected them all year, placed them in a pouch, then waited to read each other’s on New Year’s to reflect on the travels from the year. Reading these made me fall in love with each place and my husband all over again. I know right, happy sigh!

I have a lot of catching up to do and I’m thankful that Dunbar writes a mini daily log on here so that I can go back and remember what to elaborate on. Happy reading…

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