Migraine Control 

Behind the smiling face in my jumping TaDa photos often hides pain. I’ve suffered from migraines since I’ve been about 15, and I’ve tried all sorts of remedies. The only thing that helped was a prescribed sumatriptan, such as imitrex, to dull the throbbing pain.  I thought perhaps when I stopped flying and my body was on the same time zone etc. that they would get better…but they didn’t. My migraines (or cluster headaches) are one-sided and carry intense pressure behind one eye and at the base of my neck. Waking up with one is simply an awful way to start your day in what appears to be paradise outside. So more days than not, I’d numb the pain with drugs (more than my insurance would allow). I was desperate to gain MY life back.

I was so thankful when a sorority sister from college reached out to tell me about her experience with migraines and food sensitivities. She found, inspired by research into Dr. Axe’ tips to a healthy gut, that temporarily eliminating all dairy, grains, and sugars while taking pure oil of oregano and activated charcoal (following specific amounts) helps rid your body of any toxins such as candida yeast and parasites. The good news is that after the cleanse, you may be able to add some of these back into your diet seeing how your body reacts.

I was at the point where I’d sell my soul to get rid of the pesky migraines…so off we went to the market to stock up on all organic vegetables, grass-fed organic meats, and berries for an occasional sweet fix. My goal was to do the gut cleanse with oil of oregano and charcoal for 2 weeks. Dunbar was supportive and did the cleanse along with me to eliminate temptations onboard TaDa.

Days 2-3 I had a nasty migraine, but since then I’ve felt great…clear head and plenty of energy! Today marks my last day on the cleanse and I’ll admit, I’m looking forward to some celebratory bubbles on my Birthday Eve. What I’ve found is that while I will allow some grains and sugars back into my diet, keeping a food diary to track any sensitivities…I plan on sticking to the healthier eating as a lifestyle change. (We were living off of rice, pastas and canned goods that were easy to provision on the boat.) l’ll let you know how my food/migraine relationship continues to play out! 🍅🍆🍉

2 thoughts on “Migraine Control 

  1. I’m intrigued as I consistently get similar migraines and always have! Mike and I also started juicing, which is amazing! Three weeks ago I stopped all dairy, but didn’t consider the grains…. Awesome progress, JOYous!


  2. Joy- I hope this works for you. I found mine were also hormone related as well. I hope you have a Joyfull Birthday during Joyly!!! 🎉🍾


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